About Me

Hey, I’m Natalie, a 34 year old from Yorkshire, I am happily married to a wonderful man, we share 2 beautiful daughters together.

I work for the NHS in gynaecology/colposcopy… ‘never miss your smear ladies’. I’m also an independent travel agent… this business has opened so many doors for me, I have gained a great passion and grown in confidence, it’s also enabled me and my family to travel smarter. If you love to travel get in touch for some more information and join my team!

My love & passion for interior has grown massively since purchasing ‘our montreux home’ in August 2017 & especially since setting up my page on Instagram which I set up late September 2017, I am so happy that I can share my designs & ideas with you and inspire many people.

My Instagram page has gained a huge 170k followers which has given me great confidence in the work/interiors that are within my home. Knowing my page inspires so many people is a great feeling. 🙂

Here’s the face behind our_montreux_home  >>>>


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