Impera Italia Paint

Hi Guys,

I’ve had many questions on the beautiful impera paint that features within my home so I am writing a blog to talk to you abit more about the products & my thoughts on them.


The first impera paint I have in my home is the Mineral Impera from

@imperaitalia <<< click here for the link. SAVE 10% using code ‘MONTREUX10’

The paint colour I went for is GA102-35.

My living space is quite generous so I wanted the colour to be quite dark and make the space feel more homely. I absolutely love the colour. It has a glittery shimmer that shines through it, it’s simply stunning. If there’s one thing that everyone comments on when they come into my home it’s the walls in my living room, they are stunned when I tell them it’s paint, and want to know where it’s from immediately 🙂


To apply this paint is extremely simple.

I applied the base coat primer with a roller all over, let it dry (I left it overnight) then I did one coat of the mineral paint all over, again just with a roller, I let it dry, the paint dries relatively quick so it only took an hour or so for the first coat to dry. Once dried I applied the second coat by using the brush supplied by Impera, firstly I used criss cross motions, then I went over it with just a normal ‘carwash’ style yellow sponge and used small circular motions. I found it dried fairly quickly so I did my wall in sections.

1 tin of 1litre paint did my tv wall and that is approx 5.5 metres long.

I have a discount code that can be used on this paint which is ‘MONTREUX10’ and that will save you 10% @imperaitalia <<< click for direct link.

Here’s a couple of close ups.



I absolutely love my paint in here, It’s so simple & subtle yet so effective. I cannot recommend it enough, its so easy to apply and the results are incredible.


Now I will show you another type of paint I have within my home which is the Gimcyn paint in colour Sapphire.

@imperaitalia <<< click for link.

This paint is again simply stunning, I have this in my smaller lounge, it’s not the largest space so I went for a light and airy colour (sapphire). I think it looks beautiful and suits the space perfectly.


The Gimcyn paint gives more of a sharp ‘stand out’ look. It’s got a beautiful shimmery shine to it aswell. This paint is super simple to work with.


To apply –

I simply used a roller to apply the primer all over the wall, left it a good few hours to dry. I then started to apply the Gimcyn, I painted it on with the paint brush supplied by Impera and I applied it in a criss cross motion. I started to see the effect it was giving me as I was painting, it quickly began to dry in places and then you can visualise how its going to look. I kept using the criss cross motion until I was happy and voila, so easy.

I love the look the Gimcyn gives, I think it makes a gorgeous statement in this room, as it would in any room.

I have a discount code for the Gimcyn paint which will save you 10% ‘MONTREUX10’ @imperaitalia <<< click for link.

I cannot recommend this type of paint enough!

I now even have my own colour called the ‘montreux’. I wanted something dark but not too dark. I ordered colour samples of the Obsidian & the Moonstone. I found the Obsidian too dark for what I wanted & the Moonstone had blue undertones and I didn’t want that. I created a colour that is lighter than the Obsidian without the blue undertones shining through and I love it! It’s exactly as I envisioned. See image below.


Again you can purchase my colour by clicking on the above links and don’t forget to use code MONTREUX10 to save 10%!!

Here’s a couple of other products that Impera offer which I have my eye on and look amazing –

Microcement @imperaitalia <<< check it out here.


Venetian plasters @imperaitalia <<< check it out here.

I hope that’s answered any questions you had about the Impera paint. If you want to know anything else you can email me at or message me on Instagram @our_montreux_home.

Take Care

Natalie X

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