Rug Doctor Review

Hey Guys,

I’m here to share a more in-depth review with you about my deep clean carpet cleaner from @rugdoctoruk <<< click for direct link.

Before receiving the cleaner I had been very nervous about using it, a couple of examples of my thoughts were… what if I show a stain and it doesn’t remove it? or, what if it discolours my carpet and you can see where its been cleaned etc?

I was worrying for absolutely nothing!

The deep cleaner that I received has been thoroughly fantastic in everyway. I unboxed it, read the instructions, which were very easy to follow & made a start on cleaning.

You put the water in where instructed to and add detergent using the built in detergent measure. It is so simple. Click the water tank back in place & add the handheld nozzle if you are working on tougher stains, and off you go.

It was a lot more lightweight than expected, having seen photos of it I didn’t expect it to be so easy to manoeuvre, pleasantly surprised!

It was a pleasure to use, so simple and easy. I don’t think I could be without a rug doctor machine now, having 2 young girls they are forever making spillages or accidentally drawing on things. I even removed some permanent marker using rug doctors stain remover wipes on my daughters soft velvet bed.

Photos below of some of the things I’ve cleaned with @rugdoctoruk.

EC1B5C3E-82A0-496D-BCE5-B0D4C492372EThe Deep Carpet Machine






Overall I would 100% recommend rug doctor I am so happy with the jobs its tackled within my home so far.

Hope this has answered some of your questions.

Take care

Natalie X

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