Instagram Photography

Hi guys,

Bit of a different blog post from me, I thought I would share with you how I take my Instagram photos as I get a lot of messages regarding how I fit so much content within a single photograph.

I’m far from a professional photographer and wanted the ease of using my phone as normal.

Before I found my new gadget I really struggled with taking pictures of my home interior, it didn’t show people what I wanted them to see in one picture. I felt like the inspiration I was trying to showcase was lacking.

So after looking into different type of lenses I discovered a company called @sandmarc that sold wide angle lenses for your phone, having owned and used wide angle phone lenses before I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be that great as previous ones i’d used in the past did not work well at all… I watched numerous you tube video reviews on the sandmarc and thought I have to try this lens.

It arrived with a clip on lens and also a phone case that you can actually put onto your phone and then screw the lens onto it which makes it very secure ensuring it doesn’t move whilst you’re taking your photographs.

First impressions on receiving the lens I was very impressed.

Moving onto using the lens… Its literally as simple as using your phone!! Which is exactly what I wanted. You can capture so much in your photos, they don’t distort or bend. (It’s like magic)

Here’s some images that I’ve taken using the @sandmarc iPhone XR lens.









So as you can see, you can see so much of the rooms within my home.

I am so so pleased with this product and very highly recommend it. Its made photography so simple & easy.

Below is what you get…. the lens, phone case, clip, dust cloth and lens bag.

Click here for a direct link to the product >>> @sandmarc


Happy photograph taking…..

Take care



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