Living Room (Previous look)

Hey, I’m writing this to share with you how I created the new look in my living room. I loved the previous look I had but I wanted a more cosy/warm feel as the space is very generous it is difficult for it to feel cosy.

I’m going to start with the main eye catching feature in here and that is my amazing chaise sofa! I literally could not be happier with it, I wanted a darker shade of grey which is why I went for the charcoal colour, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, I opted for foam inserts as I had experienced fibre ones previously and they wasn’t for me they took too much effort daily plumping them for them to keep shape… so in my opinion foam upgrade is a must! I love everything about this sofa, from the colour, comfort, chrome feet, the chaise, quality, it really is the full package. It is incredible. It’s the Majestic range in colour toulouse charcoal from @sofology <<<< click for direct link.


You also get a choice of cushions with the sofa from Sofology which is a great bonus, they had some gorgeous options but I had already chosen my cushions I wanted to have on my sofa. My beautiful choices are as follows –

The large dark grey ones and the plain black ones at the back are from Matalan.

The Geometric style silver ones are from the 5th avenue range at dunelm, they are so beautiful & feel amazing, they also come with duck feather inserts. @dunelmuk <<< click for direct link to geometric cushions.

The other grey cushions are from glossy interiors these are the platinum cushion they are stunning, so soft and feel absolutely gorgeous, I am over the moon with the look & the quality of these cushions. Get yours here @glossyinteriors  <<<< click for link.

Moving on to the feature walls –

The paint on my feature walls is truly beautiful, people can’t believe it’s paint when they see it, they usually say “ooooh I love your wallpaper” (haha) the quality of this paint is outstanding it is so thick & luxurious and goes a long way, you wouldn’t expect paint to give such an amazing look. The paint is from @imperaitalia they have such an amazing range of all different textured paints & colours. This particular paint is the mineral impera by cap arreghini in colour GA102-35, I have created a highlights section on my Instagram labelled ‘living room interior’ with some tips on how to apply the paint to get the look I have got. You can also save 10% on purchases using discount code ‘MONTREUX10’. @imperaitalia <<<< click for link.

Applying this paint is very easy to do so it saves on getting a decorator in (if like me you can’t hang wallpaper) I am extremely happy with the finishing look of this paint, the finished effect is a beautiful metallic shimmer that looks so interesting and subtle.

It makes my living space feel so warm and cosy which is certainly what I wanted 🙂


Onto the rear of my living room –

I love having the extra space at the back of my living room. Firstly I already had the storage units at the back they are the besta units from Ikea with grey doors. They are perfect for storing extra toys for my children 🙂

Above the units we have a beautiful statement mirror, this is the luna leaner mirror from @brandinteriors when ordering I knew it was a leaner mirror but I also knew I wanted it on the wall. I didn’t know that it’d come with the hooks already attached for the option to horizontally hang. I was very happy about that. I think the mirror is so simple and elegant but yet makes a beautiful statement. @brandinteriors <<<< click here for direct link.

The beautiful stage lamp was also from @brandinteriors, now this is something I have always wanted in my home…. I mean how amazing do they look!!! The light shines so warmly, it is relaxing & cosy when I just have the lamp on by itself. You can alter the height of the legs on it also. Overall this light is perfect in everyway for me. @brandinteriors <<<< click here for direct link.


Hanging Light –

This unique hanging pendant light is from @iconic_lights, I wanted to add like a cosy chill/reading corner and thought the extra lighting would be lovely. This light was the perfect option for me, it hangs perfectly and the 3 pendants look so sophisticated, It looks even better than expected I am thoroughly happy with it. @iconic_lights <<<< click here for direct link.

The black and silver globe is from @boutiquediamondinteriors this adds to my little corner just beautifully and although its a beautiful ornament piece the kids absolutely love looking & finding places so also has the educational factor for them. @boutiquediamondinteriors <<<< click here for direct link.

The chair I bought from Ebay, I wanted something modern and contemporary and I think I found the perfect one, It rocks so the kids love sitting here and reading stories/playing teachers ❤


My unique coffee table –

So I knew in my head how I wanted my coffee table to look and I knew I wanted it to be of high quality as our last one didn’t last very long. I started internet searching and couldn’t find one in the style and size I wanted, I asked my husband to help me find one, a short while later he said don’t worry about the coffee table I will sort it. I left it with him and 1 week later this arrived.. I was so pleased!! He got a local fabrication company to make the frame then he had an alloy wheel specialist powder coat it gloss black, he then got a kitchen worktop company to make the top piece out of corian in a white quartz style with a glitter in the material. It is truly amazing quality and you can dance on it lol – I do get so many questions on this so I hope the info has given you some inspiration to maybe try this yourself.

My coffee table top is finished off perfectly with a simple look, subtle flower vase from the range & a gloss white relax scent diffuser from the amazing ladies at @soul_candles <<< click for link. The scents that soul candles do are absolutely amazing and have helped many people including myself with difficulties in sleeping, anxiety problems etc. They really do the trick on relaxing & calming the mind & body.


Living Room Tv Feature –

My previous living room look featured the long TV unit and I kept it because I love it so much from the look of it to the practicality of it, so keeping it was definitely a no brainer! I get so many questions on the unit, It is from Ikea and it’s the besta range… you can find more in-depth details on how I put together this unit on my 1st living room blog post.

Moving on to the styling on the top of my unit….

So some of you may already know I styled the top of my units in a rush for my living room reveal on instagram & I wasn’t overly happy with the finished look. It was nice but it just didn’t give me the ‘wow’ factor that I was looking for. I always tend to go symmetrical when I’m displaying accessories, everything has to be the same on each side! So… I told myself I had to venture away from my comfort zone. I knew I wanted lamps still as we always use the lamps and turn off the main lights for the cosy feel. I tried silver/grey shades but they just blended into my painted walls so I chose white shades as they stood out just how I wanted them to & I have always wanted bases like these so when I found these ones I was so pleased they are just how I imagined them to be ❤ The lamps are from @iconic_lights <<< click for direct link.

The small goblet candle holder to the left side of the unit is from @theshabbystore <<<click for direct link. This accessory is just so beautiful it is such a lovely statement I am so happy with it, shabby store also sell it in a large version so they both could be styled together.

The 2 hour grey sand hourglass is also from @theshabbystore <<< click for direct link. Now this amazed me when I received it, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big and beautiful,   I have never seen an hourglass this size before so I was definitely wow’d. It makes such a beautiful decoration in my home, I am so pleased with it.


On the right side of my unit you have my lovely lamp again (details above) along with the tall candle holder I got that from the range. The lantern on the floor is from Costco.

Then we have the absolutely stunning mirrored triple candle holder from @house_to_home_diaries <<< click for direct link. This is so pretty, I can’t believe how much I love it and how well it works on my unit. I am so pleased I went out of my comfort zone and chose the décor like I did for this space. Everything works so well together.


Overall – You can gather by reading that I am absolutely delighted with the way my living room turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do and enjoyed reading.

If I’ve missed anything out or you want to ask me a question please send me a message on instagram @our_montreux_home or email me at

Take care

Natalie X

2 thoughts on “Living Room (Previous look)

  1. Hi I saw a bedroom set that I absolutely love . I was wondering do you sell the bedrooms set also ?


    1. Hi, I don’t sell the products I attach links on items within my home for you to check out. Thanks (our montreux home) x


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