Party Idea

I’m writing this blog as my little girl loved her birthday party so much as I’m sure many other girls/boys would & you don’t really hear of parties like this, so I thought I would share our experience.

My daughter Evie who was turning 8 wanted a party but she wanted something a bit more grown up and different, she kept asking for a sleepover & I was very indecisive about what to do. I got in touch with the lovely Tara from @dreameeteepees and I instantly knew that Evie would absolutely have the best time of her life if I let her have not only a sleepover but a teepee sleepover.

From messaging Tara to the day of the party she was absolutely fantastic!!! I could not believe how quick & thorough she was with her information & answers to my questions. Her ideas and imagination for these parties are brilliant.

I knew that Evie would love a sleepover and that she’d love the teepee’s etc but then it came down to the theme of the party. Tara asked me what she liked, like most girls love unicorns, dolls, makeup, dressing up etc… I couldn’t really think of a theme.

Tara came up with the genius idea of ‘the greatest showman’ she asked if Evie liked the movie, I said “OMG she absolutely loves it” and that was that! Decided!

Evie knew that she was having a sleepover and that was it she didn’t know anything else. So seeing her little face on her birthday when she saw the whole set up was priceless!


Look at this!!!! I mean how cool is this! I would have loved this when I was younger!!

@dreameeteepees sorted absolutely everything out for me, she works alongside some other wonderful small businesses including @soiree_eventz who catered for Evie’s party including themed food… she also provided a candy floss machine & a bubblegum machine which went down a treat, the girls loved it!! There was more than enough food, the girls even had seconds 🙂


a lovely small business called @pinyatay provided the girls popcorn themed piñata they had so much fun with that and it looked amazing and fitted so well with the theme.


a company called @truly_scrumptious_party_bags created the girls party bags and these were sooooo fab, the quality of them was amazing and they were a generous size to fit lots of goodies in!


@dreameeteepees provided the personalised pillow cases for the girls as a ‘take home’ gift, they also provided lots of different games including ‘how many lego in a jar’ ‘knock the tin cans over game’ ‘would you rather’ ‘bingo’ and many more to keep them entertained, there was also a prop box including all things greatest showman related, they had so much fun playing with all of this. I didn’t expect this party to be as good as it was, the attention to detail & thought that went into this was amazing, I thought I have to blog and share this with others.

After having lots of fun they settled down with their drinks and popcorn provided by @soiree_eventz in their teepees with their nightlights shining and watched the greatest showman movie before falling asleep 🙂



All in all from start to finish this party was outstanding, Evie had the best time with some of her friends, if you are looking for something different I would highly recommend looking into this, @dreameeteepees are yorkshire based but cover some areas further afield. I have added direct links for each of the companies that featured in this party so you can have a look.


Thanks for reading & if you book a party for your son/daughter let me know your experience.

Here’s a few more pictures of the set up:



Take care

Natalie X


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