Master Bedroom (Old Design)

Here you have a blog on how I created my master bedroom.

As some of you may know I love changing interiors around within my home quite often, having said that though my current bedroom I absolutely love therefore it will remain this way for a good while 😉


Let’s start with my wallpaper, This is just ‘something else’ I’ve never seen this look before in anyones home, so my inspiration literally came from seeing it, feeling it & just knowing in my head that it would look epic!! I saw the glitz,sparkle and the texture in the wallpaper and I instantly knew I had to have it. It’s made from tiny pieces of crushed glass   ❤   It makes such a statement in my bedroom, I got it from @designer_wallpapersales 



Then it was time to think about a new bed, I knew I had to have something grande in this room as it is so spacious, my new bed is from the luxury bed company & It works in my bedroom amazingly. I absolutely love the look, colour & quality of this bed. It definitely gives my bedroom the perfect look I wanted. It’s called superior paris grey and mine is a superking size, here is a link –    @theluxurybedcompany you can save 30% using my code LBC30.MONTREUX



The beautiful statement light in here is from @pagazzilighting It so different and works so well in here it’s the 9 light burbank style.

My bedding is from dunelm and my cushions are a mixture of matalan & janepluminteriors.

The side tables in here are from Ikea they are the NORDLI range.

The leaning floor mirror is from the range.

The crushed velvet chair is from Jane plum interiors.

The grey knitted chunky blanket is from @chun-kees

The preserved rose head flower box (right bedside table) is from @anno.rosa

The candles & diffusers on the bedsides are from @soulcandles the scents that soul candles do are actually the best I’ve ever smelt.

The mirrored glass bedside table trays are from @wallpapersales

Bedside lamps are from the range uk.

Pictured below – 

Mirrored venetian console table @dunelm

Double sheepskin rug – colour (tipped grey) @dunelm

Chair – Jane plum interiors

Side table to the right is from @hodsons

Fluffy cushion – matalan

white side table – bespoke – kks fitted furniture

Coffee machine – tassimo


Now we move to the back of the bedroom and this is one of my favourite places to have some ‘me time’. I am really pleased with my dressing area which includes fitted wardrobes in a walk in section of the room, with a dressing table featuring the diaz hollywood mirror from @hollywoodmirrors.


I finished this section off with some beautiful fashion prints from @chelseaprints, a grey chair blanket from @chun_kees and this gorgeous chesterfield chair from @myfurniturecom. I opted for the Ikea malm dressing table as I felt it fit the style of my room and the long drawer is perfect for organising my makeup. I love using different perfumes so wanted something to display them but I couldn’t find anything I liked, I then found a cake stand in The Range and removed a tier which is perfect for displaying them! I love the stand because it matches my sparkly frames from B&M.


Here is the area I get ready in most mornings, this is such a great space for keeping all our clothes neatly away and has enough room for extra storage such as hiding christmas/birthday presents, I also keep extra bedding/towels etc in these cupboards.

The wardrobes was supplied and fitted by a company called nankivells fitted furniture.

Overall I am so pleased with the way my bedroom looks and I hope this post has given you an insight into how I achieved this look 🙂 if you have any questions you can always send me an email and I am more than happy to answer!

Take care

Natalie x

3 thoughts on “Master Bedroom (Old Design)

  1. Hello
    Could you please tell me the price of this master bed


    1. Please ask @theluxurybedcompany via Instagram



    2. Please speak to @theluxurybedcompany regarding this. Thanks (our montreux home) x


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